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Marelli Motor

Motors suitable in potentially explosive atmospheres. Low voltage from 0.12kW to 560kW. Medium voltage from 110kW to 560kW. Aluminium and cast iron frames. Mains and Inverter supply.


Title Standard
Rating and Performance IEC 60034 1
Classification of degrees of protection (IP code) IEC 60034 - 5
Methods of cooling (IC code) IEC 60034 - 6
Classification of type of construction and mounting arrangement (IM code) IEC 60034 - 7
Terminal markings and direction of rotation IEC 60034 - 6
Noise limits IEC 60034 - 9
Starting performance of rotating electrical machines IEC 60034 -12
Mechanical vibration IEC 60034 -14
Relation between sizes and ratings of three-phase, short-circuit surface-cooled electric motors IEC 72 -1
Dimensions and outputs for electrical machines IEC 72 - 2
Electrical apparatus for potentially explosive atmospheres - general requirements EN 50014
Flameproof enclosure “d” EN 50016
Increased safety “e” EN 50019


MarelliMotori Explosion Proof.pdf
MarelliMotori Leaflet.pdf